About Cromer Pre-School Gateshead

Parental Envolvement

Our aim is to support and enhance the development of the children and to respect, understand and value the contribution that you as parents make towards your child’s learning.

Parents will have access to information regarding the curriculum activities and events through written information placed on the Parents Notice Board, discussions with staff and a termly Newsletter. Parents are welcome to come in and help during a Pre-School session by arrangement.

Development Records

Upon entry into the Pre-School your child will be given a Key Person. This is a member of staff who will liase with parents and complete reports on your child and monitor his/her progress throughout their time with us.

Parents can discuss their child’s progress at any time with their child’s Key Person. Working parents can make an appointment, at a time suitable for them during Pre-School hours.

We also provide 'I Can Do' sheets and Home / Pre-School 'Contact Book' which will help parents contribute to their child’s progress record. This information is used together with our more formal observations to obtain a holistic view of what their child can do.

A written report will be given to parents at the end of the Pre-School year.

Parent consultation meetings are held in October and March every year.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Pre-School delivers the curriculum following the Early Years Foundation Stage through a mixture of general and topic based activities. Children work as individuals and as a part of a small or a large group. It is based around structured and unstructred activities which provide opportunites for both adult led and child led experiences.